I want to see how popular I am. So I go to google and type in "Hosemonster." I immediately learn two things.
1. I'm not that popular.
2. Some people are weird.

Blondemaster Wipf has quickly become my favorite reader. Not only does she let me know that she reads my blog (and yes, I do need the attention), but she gives me something about which I should think.

Ironically, I used to think getting booty (and any type of booty will suffice in this case) in the library at my adult training grounds of college would have been fun. I think it was the risk factor that made it interesting. But the more I thought about it, the less appealing it became. Risk still piques my interest, but the library has some pretty hard concrete floors, and I'll admit it -- I have sissy knees. And since it couldn't happen between the bookshelves, any place where it could have been potentially comfortable would have been too exposed or not risky enough. Then I heard about others getting it on in the moat at the older library, and I thought that sounded pretty cool. Maybe some day.

But to get back to the Blondemaster's inquiry: Nope, never hooked up in that library or any library. Not good times. I'm such a loser.

My request to the Blondemaster and anyone else who might be reading this: tell me the most risqué or random place you have ever gotten action, and I promise to list my favorites on my blog, even if my parents might be reading this.