I was driving home from the doctor’s office today, and I passed a man selling the Chicago Sun Times for a quarter a piece, and my very first thought was, “That lucky guy never has to hunt for quarters on laundry day. What a luxury.” Perception is a strange thing.

I am watching Dubya call on the Palestinians to throw out Arafat. Bush has pretty much outright called Yasir a terrorist and told the Palestinians that their democratic processes have been compromised.

The situation in the Middle East is one of those things that I can always look to if I want to feel depressed. It quite saddens me that people can go to such great lengths to kill each other, including killing themselves to inflict death upon others, all in the name of faith. At least that is what it boils down to, in my mind.

I’m listening to Bush use such phrases as “final settlement.” I wish I could believe him. I wish we could see a final settlement.