Jane and I watched Seven this weekend.

If you have not seen the movie, send me an email. You can borrow my DVD copy. I think this movie is one of the finest pieces of filmmaking of the last ten years. Watch this movie. It really touches on one of those deeper elements of something in all of all lives. It’s a fantastic film. Quite likely you will not exactly like it, but I’ll wager you’ll appreciate the film once you do see it. Just don’t watch it alone.

Anyway, Janie was a little upset by the movie, which is probably the correct reaction. But every time I see the movie, I realize a little more that we need representations of evil like this movie gives us to remind us that evil does exist and sometimes it can be so incomprehensible as to reduce us to tears.

And as much as we might hate them, or be disgusted by them, I think we should try and appreciate these representations for what they are. We are not only reminded that we live in a world where evil makes its appearance known every day, but we are shown that for all of our drawbacks, the grand majority of us are good people.

Seven reminds me to always be aware, but to always remember to be a good person and try hard to be a better person. It should make you feel something too.