On a beautiful Monday June evening, I made my first trip of the baseball season to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubbies put away the Cincinnati Reds with some late inning offense. With the exception of some young teenage girls getting very riled up for such trifles as the peanut man (note to all you teenage girls out there: screaming out "I need some nuts!" is not as funny as you think it is), I had myself a very good time.

I also got to spend some time with Janie and our friend Elizabeth, who has been chilling in France for the last six months and consequently having way too much fun. Welcome back to our humid city Elizabeth. We missed you.

It's a well documented fact that I am not a passenger on the Anna Kournikova bandwagon.

Yes, I think she's attractive and nubile and all those other wonderful things that many of my male brethren shamelessly throw at her. But she's not that good looking. If you're looking for female athletes, I personally will take Mia Hamm over Anna any day of the week, just as one example of many. Mia is totally cute, and actually quite good at her chosen sport. Anna should take note.

But my sympathy is extended to Anna on this day for royally sucking up the joint at Wimbledon. Maybe if she could just win a tournament (any tournament), she could stop crying and drawing all this criticism. Poor thing. It must be hard to be extremely wealthy, beautiful and desired, and get to go to all the hockey games you want. Oh, and Anna: Stay away from Sergei when it's his day to be with the Stanley Cup. We wouldn't want you to blemish the greatest trophy in sports.