Shannon might have just become someone's arch enemy.

She woke up a few days ago with the ability to start fires at random. Apparently she's responsible for three fires that have hit our fair city in the last five days. I had the great pleasure of witnessing one on TV Sunday night while watching the Cubs defeat the Cardinals. I must now wonder if Ms. Shan is responsible for the conflagrations in Arizona and Colorado.

It all sounds very suspicious to me. I wonder if she was working in the lab late one night when a horrible freak accident occurred involving a Zippo and a particle accelerator, giving Shan the power to bring drought-ravaged areas to their knees. I cannot wait to find out what comic book name she adopts for herself.

Incidents like this sound like superhero backgrounds, but seeing as I am at a loss as to how the ability to start explosions and fires can serve the powers of good, I can only decide that Shannon is on the opposite end of the spectrum. But only in relation to this one area only, because Shan is a hip chick and loads of fun. I like the way she makes people laugh.

Anyway, it appears that Smokey the Bear has met his match. I'm very excited for the movie. Coming Summer 2003.