Things I have learned in Texas:

After 7.5 hours…

1. I will never own a Dodge Intrepid. It is the worst car ever.
2. Very few Spanish speaking men are particularly interested in 401(k) plans.
3. There is a place where I can check into my hotel room and order a Wendy’s Chicken Cordon Bleu under the same roof. Thank god.
4. DFW airport is bigger than both Dallas and Fort Worth.
5. Wherever you are, there’s a Six Flags near you.
6. People really do just sit outside their motel room and share a 12 pack of suds.
7. Dallas-Fort Worth may be one of the biggest metro areas in the world, but it still has shitty radio.
8. Traveling on someone else’s dime is not the worst thing in the world. Even in Texas.

After 10 hours…
9. Too much time alone reading makes Chris too politically charged.