Hiya Chris!

Hey blog.

Why the long face?

Well, in addition to the fact that this is the second conversation with you/myself in as many days, which clearly indicates my lack of sanity, everyone hates me.

Oh come on now.

Nope. Everyone hates me.

I don't hate you.

You can't hate me.

Why not?

Because you depend on me for your existence.

You derive a lot of power from that, don't you?


You should. Maybe it will make you happy.

There are larger concerns. Like the fact that everyone hates me.

Okay, prove it. Who hates you?

Well, in the last few months, I have become exceedingly successful at pissing my friends off. Half the time I don't even understand what they're mad about. Usually things end up okay, but one situation is troubling.

Since you only have about five close friends, it seems dumb to say everyone hates you.

Thanks for reminding me that I am a loser.

That's not what I meant.


So what's this one situation?

I don't want to talk about. But it involves perception gaps.

What do you mean?

Essentially, every time I do something that from my point of view is me trying to consider my friends and their emotions, someone else understands it as me being underhanded and terrible.

That's tough.

The hardest part is that I cannot decide whether I really am just a total prick and if my thinking that I am trying to be a good person is all a hallucination.

You're bringing me down. Smile. After all, Dicky Cheney finally got what was coming his way.

It will blow over and nothing will come of it. The only reason you know about it now is that the media needs stories and loves to perpetuate ones with big names involved in scandals.

At least the All Star Game was exciting last night.

Yeah. And then the game ended in a tie. What a load of crap. Bud Selig sucks. He's destroying baseball and killing the game for the fans. Tony knows what he's talking about on this matter.

Boy you're grumpy today.

Sorry. I should be happier.

How was last night? Did you win?

Last night was great and then it turned bad. We won at volleyball and went to have some beers. I had a great time. Then I left the bar and learned that everyone hates me.

You like to dwell on negatives.

You're very observant.

You should cheer up.

I know. But I have phone calls to me to which I am not at all looking forward.

Just make it through the day.

That's what I keep telling myself.

I'll give you some space. But I will check in on you later.

Thanks blog.