In the five years since I have moved from Los Angeles to this mysterious place, I have really only identified two major things that make me strongly consider moving back to Southern Cal:
1. my family and an assortment of friends, and
2. the Los Angeles Kings.

But all of a sudden I am missing LA because the famous LA bloggers, (and if you have followed my directions and read Moxie and Tony, you might know who some of these people are) had some kickass soiree on Saturday. And the big news is Moxie gave Tony her phone number.

I got weird feelings of jealousy when I found this out. No doubt because Moxie seems to be pretty attractive, cool and Jewish (recent history dictates that I like Jewish women. Who knew?). I really dig the way she writes and her photography interests me, seeing as I am a photog of sorts myself. Plus when she's electronic, I can make her as perfect as I want to because I'll never actually meet her. Not that I want to change my own situation or anything at the moment.

But the good news is that it's Tony getting her number. He's a cool kat and deserves to hang with a good looking lady. Even if it often seems that hanging with hotties is all he does...

I'm going out on a limb. The two of them are going on a date next week. You heard it here first.

In a completely unrelated turn, I learned once more today why my girlfriend is one of the coolest chicks I know. Last week I wrote a little stupid snippet about one of my really good friends. More than once I've been told that this mysterious girl, who lives across the pond, and I are destined to be together. I personally don't believe in destiny like that, but if I were to be destined to be with someone, I couldn't think of many better people than Yai.

Anyway, I was a little worried that Zhenya might feel a little threatened by my writing what I wrote (and the only reason I'm not linking to it right now is that for some reason the posting links don't work even though they should. Scroll down to read it if you're interested), but she emails me today telling that she really likes it and thinks I should write some more like that. Good times.

The sun is shining, and I have a new apartment in a month.