I've been having these rather odd dreams the last couple of nights. I'm wondering if I should be troubled by them.

The larger problem is that I cannot remember my dreams. This is very normal for me, because when I dream, I usually wake up lucidly remembering the events in my subconscious as I sit up and bitch out my alarm clock, the man who made it and all his unborn children. A minute later when I am beginning to run the water in the shower, the whole thing is gone, and all I can remember is that I had a dream.

This morning I was washing my face when I suddenly heard myself griping in my head "¡Puto champú en mis ojos! Estarán rojos por el resto del puto día" and I realized I had another of my strange Spanish dreams. All I can remember is a lot of dust. Maybe I was in some Spanish western town, hearing the rustle of the breeze blowing a tumbleweed through the single thoroughfare of the town as I squared off with El Guapo Malo or something like that.

But I cannot remember. And I really feel that I should.

Maybe tonight I will stick some paper next to my bed and in the morning I'll jot down a brief synopsis of my REM explorations. Then maybe I'll be able to figure out what's really bothering me.