The market had another good day today. Two years ago, news of the second consecutive day of market gains would not have been news at all. These days, it's almost too much news to be adequately put in perspective.

Last week I bitched about how the Sun-Times really overreacted to a good day of trading. That bitching then got parlayed into me griping about how Chicago newspapers suck, and I once again got off topic. Oh well.

CNN today pulled a similar move following today's trading. The word "bull" creeps into the headline; not an error as egregious as the Sun-Times move, but still, it makes me wonder just how desperate we are for positive economic news. I certainly want to watch the market averages climb (and see my investments grow), but history teaches us that this growth will happen, so I relax and think about beautiful woman who will never talk to me. That it might not happen at the same levels as those seen in the second half of the last decade should not cause us to have a shit fit when the market loses 200 points or uncautiously throw the word "bull" into our stories when the markets make three-digit gains. At least not at this point.

Sorry. I'll come down from my soapbox. And Adam, thanks for the link.