No pude quitarme la vista de sus ojos. Era como una luz indefinible emanse de su rostro, y aunque acabó de entrar un montón de gente, a mi parecer no había nadie salvo esta mujercita en el aula. Me di cuenta en aquel momento de que, un día u otra, la querría...

* * * *

They had all made the trek to our classroom on the third floor for the same reason: to meet me and my classmates with the hope we could prove mutually beneficial. I stood at the front of our group, eager to have the best chance to meet the four or five different people and set up four or five dates.

She was the only one I ever saw.

Two steps into the room and we knew it. Our eyes locked in silent understand, mine saying "My god you're beautiful" and her eyes dancing a "No te muevas. No hagas nada. No rompas este momento absolutamente perfecto" tune to me. Paralyzed I stood waiting for our matchmaker to conclude her introduction, trying to decide if I ever wanted this moment to end or if I could deal with the curiosity another second. The white noise in my ear was deafening.

At the sudden silence, she looked at me, asking me with her glance if I was going to continue standing there with my eyes wide or come and say hello.

She was everything for which I had hoped. She became my muse.