One of my favorite things about being the proud author of a blog is the fact that I can sit here and spin any random yarn I want with practically no consequences. It's practically a bully pulpit (except that I really don't have anyone I can bully) from which I can make wild claims about ideology or the sordid state of the world that really make no sense and have no rational behind them, and the worse thing that will happen is one of my friends will email me saying I'm nuts. And even this result is not that bad because most of my friends already know my talent for spinning yarns for minutes on end.

Maybe I should try and be more contentious to engage the few of you who do come to this site, but at this point, I think it's hard to stoke a fire that has no timber on it. I'm not complaining or anything, since this blog not only gives me something to do in my down time at work and lets me write whatever shit comes to my head, but also gives me opportunities to find pictures of Penelope Crúz from the amusing movie Woman on Top and other random things on the Internet.

This might be one of my favorite new ones: What's your African name? Mine is Shekwan. Please address all future mailings to Shekwan.