T minus 3 and counting.

I'm not the type to have lots of friends. However, I am the type to have an amazing capacity to screw up good friendships inadvertantly. both facts considered, I occasionally feel shocked that my friends do such cool things for me now and again, like having a nice farewell gathering on a pleasant Sunday evening or sending me tips just like I told them to do. A special bonus to my certain friend who told me that I am anal. I was not previously aware of my compulsions to neatness.

I had another enormous and wonderful surprise this morning when I discovered that Meesh had visited my blog and deigned to tell me about her visit. Very exciting stuff. Visits from *Ashley* and Meesh within the same week will go straight to my head and make me think that I do have some redeeming purpose to this whole blogging thing. Could you imagine my excitement if I got linked (unsolicited, of course) on some of these great sites? Wow.

Shameless plug for my mysterious friend Alfred. He's been provoking some wonderful laughter in me lately. Unless you're dead, he will likely make you laugh as well.

Sneak preview: the Blondemaster is coming. The Blondemaster is coming.