Two trailer-park girls were running 'round the outside of my secret lair this morning while I was putting on my cape, and it was a little distracting.

But then when I sat down at the Hose Computer, I saw that I had an email from the one and only Moxie. And she says she liked my last posting. But no comment on whether the date with Tony will happen or not. Methinks she's hoping this will be the case and does not want to jinx it. So let's just say the collective fingers in the Hose Lair are crossed.

In the meantime, she teaches all of us gentlemen some valuable tips for dating the opposite sex. Even if you're a superhero like me (and thus can have any hottie you encounter within the first 90 minutes of the movie), if you hope to have lots of sex with beautiful women in your life, then enrich your knowledge and pay attention to her simple rules.