Say what you will about my former co-workers (and it had better be something nice, or I will come roaring to their defense), but those people sure know how to show a fella a good time and wish him well. I enjoyed many a fine spirit last night at my farewell bash. And the night ended in the most perfect of ways, with us getting kicked out of the bar/restaurant and arguing about it in our more wonderful drunken way. Then we made up on the train going home, and we said things to each other we're not supposed to say sober. I was mostly quiet the whole night. It was good.

Anyway, change of scenery...

Southern California is cool because I get to drive around town in a fun fast convertible looking like the stud I'm really not. But hey, it feels good.

The weirdest thing about being back in the area is seeing people with whom I used to work and/or go to high school. That feels like forever ago.

Anyway, I'm here, it's 100 degrees outside but not at all humid, and there's a pool in the back yard beckoning for me to come pay a visit. I'll have to comply soon.

Three more days until the Blondemaster enters your world. Are you ready?