"Gasp! Tamyra is voted off 'American Idol'"
"'American' tragedy"

That is how the actual headline on CNN read today (granted it was a link from Entertainment Weekly) but still, our national news felt the need to comment on the removal of the latest contestant on American Idol. Reminds me of the media hoopla that accompanied the first season of Survivor.

I know I'm not the first person to write about reality shows and how they're taking over our TV line ups, but I probably am one of the few people writing about reality shows in a positive light.

Granted I've only watched American Idol once (the night before Tamyra got voted off in fact, and her performance did -- relatively -- suck), but I loved it and was sad I hadn' t watched it before. Reality shows, like my beloved teen pop, are just plain fun.

I can't help but get involved in the character's lives on Road Rules, Real World, Survivor, Sorority Life and even The Bachelor, among others (and I honestly don't even watch that much TV!). Maybe their "reality" isn't actually REAL, but it's more real than scripted sitcoms-- at least in terms of who the people are. Sure there is nothing real about the house on the Real World, the location of Survivor, the prizes on Road Rules or the "relationships" on The Bachelor (among many other things of course), but at least on Sorority Life you KNOW that Jordan is a big bitch. She's not pretending or acting.

If you give them a chance, reality shows are ultra-entertaining...if you have a sense of humor that is.