Hi blog.


It's me.

Who are you?

You probably hate me for having to abandon you for a week.

Oh, it's you. Welcome back Hose Monster.

Thanks for the kind welcome.

It wasn't so kind.

Yeah, I noticed. What's wrong?

I'm a little tired. And you're back.

You should show a little more gratitude to your creator. But you're right, it was not nice of me to abandon you for so long. But at least I left you in good hands.

You got that right buster. I greatly enjoyed my time with the Blondemaster. And no offense, but she's much more attractive than you.

I know. She certainly is a hottie, and I can say all sorts of other things about her now because I don't work with her anymore. But I won't. And she's gotten two of my good friends to weigh in on her life, including Alfred, who does not even know me.

Yeah, she rocked the world. But anyway, you're back. How was library boat camp?

Pretty good. A few forced marches through the hills. I had to swim with sharks for a while. But it was okay.

Well that's good. What's on the schedule for the rest of the day?

A nap, some pizza and some poker. The good life after library boot camp.

Rock n' roll.

You said it.

Welcome back.