I get to weigh in on the Will issue. It’s my blog, and unlike some of my pals who weighed in on the issue, I know the Blondemaster personally and I really do care about the things that happen to her and will scrutinize the men she meets.

Blondemaster, you said it yourself. You cannot change yourself for him or anyone. Barf. Okay, no more clichés. He sounds like he could be a great friend. Maybe even a great boyfriend, but for someone else.

Do your thing. Make out with more random people from Malta. You might want to avoid your strange cab follies thereafter, but go be who you want to be and do it how you want to do it.

Blah, blah. I hate this blog entry, but I felt the need to say something on the matter. ‘Tis slow going getting back into the creative mode. Perhaps I will have to have a chat with the john again.

Oh, and I guess I’m single again. It’s definitely the best thing for everyone involved.