I had the strangest dream last night.

I have a friend with whom I have not really talked at all for more than about six months or so. I think we both went through a pretty busy period, and then she kept promising to call me after finishing such and such business trip or something, but that never happened. Anyway, I knew she was moving, so last night in my dream I showed up at her new address and for some reason decided it would be a good idea to just walk in and look for her while I called out her name. Anyway, I pushed the door open and walked in, catching her in some pretty slinky lingerie and slipping into something or another, but I don't really remember what it was.

She didn't seem embarrassed by the fact that I had caught her in her skivvies, but more that I had seen her at all. I noticed she also suddenly had two nose piercings on the right side of her face which she hadn't had before. Anyway, we started chatting, and I guess after a while she told me that she had quit her old job and looked at the floor. I was a little surprised, but didn't really think much of it. Then as I was getting up to leave, I asked her what she was doing that night, and she looked at me with something of a puzzling glance, then said, "You mean you haven't figured it out?" And that's when I realized that she had become a prostitute and I had caught her putting on her working girl outfit.

Personally, I didn't care much that she had changed her life. I just suddenly thought that it made sense that I had not heard from her for a while. As though changing your life is reason for not saying hello once in a while. And that was the end of the dream. Very weird.

I also posted an personal ad on Yahoo! Personals last night. It hasn't been cleared by the good folks at Yahoo yet, but as soon as it is, if you want to go looking for me, go for it.

I'm newly single, but I wouldn't at all classify myself as desperate for companionship or even really wanting it very strongly. It's true that I recently moved to the cornfield where I know no one (other than those watching the library with me at night, and that's not hyperbole), so I'm having occasional bouts with loneliness. This does not mean that I want to enter another relationship; in fact, I really am not interested in starting one that much at all. I decided to post a personal for amusement. I don't mean that I think people who use these services are silly or pathetic or anything like that. I more think that I am just interested to see if any sees my add in the first place and thinks "Hmm, wonder who this Hose Monster character is," and then, assuming that happens, if anyone goes to the effort of contacting me. I was thinking of sending a few emails out to a couple of people this morning, but to be able to respond to ads, you have to pony up $20 a month, and frankly, I'm just not willing to do that. If I really wanted to meet girls that badly, I think $20 could be better spent flirting with a girl somewhere and offering to buy her dinner some time. But anyway, we'll see if my silly ad generates any interest. I'm not holding my breath.

I watched the most embarrasing first half of football I have ever seen today. So I switched and watched the Michigan-Washington game, which was outstanding. Life is good with college football back.