If you can figure out who this guy is, I'll give you some serious props in this here siteI hate moving. It's a giant pain in the ass, and I inevitably end up forgetting something important or injuring myself in a not so fun way. Last night I was talking to one of my buddies and decided I needed to move my futon and place it directly on top of the big toe on my left foot. It immediately started bleeding all over the place, and it honestly, it hurt like you wouldn't even believe. And the worse part about it was that I was talking to my buddy, but I couldn't scream like a little girl with the pain, and then I had to try and stem the bleeding with one foot in the sink and still trying to maintain an intelligent conversation.

I mentioned earlier that I quite enjoyed the Blondemaster's work in here during my absence. But I am a little curious if she expanded my readership horizons (and everyone knows that I need attention). And since many of my favorite bloggers seem to be running contests of some sort on their sights, I thought I would jump on board. Unfortunately, there can be only one participant in this contest, because it's designed to show how many new people the Blondemaster brought me.

If I get at least 10 shout outs below from people I don't know or don't recognize from my earlier work, I will send my girl the Blondemaster a very nice bouquet of flowers some day. If not, I'll send her something else. What, I don't know yet, but I'll figure it out.

Just tell me how you got here. I don't care if you hate my site or love it, I just want to know who you are and why you're here so I can keep blatantly begging you to keep visiting.