I have two distinct groups of friends, and while I harbor great affection for both, I wonder if they would ever meld together all that well. If I had to venture forth an opinion on why this is the case, I’d actually argue that it’s something in my head, and it’s not so much that the two groups of people wouldn’t get along as much as I wouldn’t know where to fit myself in between them. This absence of knowledge would probably cause me to feel out of place and hence assume that the two groups don’t fit together all that well.

I think I fit in with these people in vastly different ways. With one group, I’m definitely the wildest one of the group. With the other, I tend to see myself more as the tranquil one.

Blah, this post is going nowhere. I went out last night with some friends who have the great potential to amuse me and keep my smiling all night. Last night was right on with that pattern.

I also saw Stank Willie for the first time last night. I was quite impressed with their music and performance, and I’m looking forward to jamming their tunes on my drive south in an hour or so. I talked with Stank Willie himself at length after the show, and the gentleman even bought me a beer. Class act.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself tremendously last night, but this morning I woke up feeling just a little bit melancholic at the realization that I might not have many of these enjoyable evenings remaining to me. I feel sad about moving this morning for really the first time.

I had an extended, um, well, we’ll call it a “cool period” with one of my wonderful friends from this group last year and well into this year. I say with great joy that this cool period concluded a number of months ago, and since that point, I’ve had such a great time with Rose that I shake my head and wonder why I let myself be such an unmitigated idiot earlier. I really need to identify sooner and more clearly the good parts of life before I have to leave and I realize just how wonderful they are during a swan song.

Ugh. I have five hours in the car ahead of me today. Perhaps all that time alone will inspire something more interesting than this.