I really enjoy the fact that Alfred tells me what he's bumping on an almost daily basis. His most recent revelation that his bumping one of the great rocking songs of all time, "One" by Metallica is backed up with a great story. For my part, I've been bumping John Denver for much of the night.

I would guess that Alfred and I have divergent musical tastes. But that's okay.

I have a dilemma of the highest nature: I need to get a haircut, but I'm an a particularly lazy frame of mind and I don't want to go get it chopped. Complicating this is the fact that ultimately I don't need to really worry about what I look like for the next couple of months, so if I really want to let myself go and just spend some time looking like ass, at the end of the day it wouldn't cause me any truly negative consequences.

I need your opinions. Should I cut my hair very short again?

A couple of arguments to consider:

1. My hair is very thick, and it grows very quickly. Back in high school, I thought I wanted to be a rock star, so I started growing my hair long, and rather than the Kurt Cobain look I was going for, I came out more Paul McCartney-George Harrison like from the Rubber Soul Beatles. Not such a good look for me. This time around I would just let the hair go do whatever it wants until it just got so ugly or nasty that I couldn't stand it.

2. I love my hair. It's very healthy and lustrous. (No, I'm not gay, not that there's anything wrong with that.) More lustrous hair might be cool.

3. Did I mention I'm feeling very lazy?

Okay, so give me a shout out below: cut it or continue to be lazy? I'll abide by the majority decision, which will probably be about three people, but hey, it's better than me trying to make a decision. And feel free to volunteer any hair styles you think I should explore.