I'm always extremely flattered when someone links me, especially when it's unknown to me that they're doing it, because it means they came to my site by some random way or another and liked it enough to give it some sort of seal of approval. I'm really stingy with my links because I would never want to direct anyone to anything I didn't patronize on a daily basis myself. Anyway, I'm excited because I just discovered that Meesh linked me today (using my real name and everything). I'm feeling very special at the moment.

About five years ago one of my friends introduced to the concept of hidden mickeys in Disney-related items. We were running aroun Disneyland like a bunch of immature children when he started telling us about how Disney engineers and designers would slip certain Mickey-shaped items into the attractions. It's become quite a cult thing to do, and I have even found people dedicated to describing their hidden mickey encounters. Around the park, there are various items placed in the three circle combination that would make up Mickey's head. Anyway, people spend whole trips to Disney parks in search of this stuff.

I think most of these people are nuts and they're really seeing things. It seems they are so eager to play the game that they'll see Mickey in rock formations and the like. I don't know. Maybe they are all much more imaginative than I am.

But I did find a few obvious ones yesterday while booking around the park in Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I'm now as nuts as the rest of these people.

It's amazing how vacation can sap the creative energy out of you. I hope the Blondemaster will breath some interest back into this blog. Only two days remaining!