I'm listening to John Denver again. For all the fun people poke at his music, and at me for listening to him, he really has some great songs. Honestly, if you're just in a chill mood to hang and write in your blog or something, John Denver will often you some great mood music. Check out "Fly Away," his duet with Olivia Newton John (yeah, he did a song with her. How cool is he now?). It will relax you. Annie's Song is also fantastic. When my sister gets married, I have to play that one at her wedding.

I read an article in Newsweek last night about the rise of blogs. Over the last couple of months I have read three or four articles on blogging, and I think most of the articles have overlooked a substantial part of the blogosphere, namely the people like Tony, Alfred, Meesh and Moxie (and I flatter myself by including yours truly in that list), bloggers who do more and less than comment on the news. Sometimes we're a personal diary, or a novel in the works, a soapbox or even just something here for our amusement. True, a healthy majority of the blogs have a news tilt, but I think there's more there than a journalistic view which most of the journalism sources that I read have overlooked (surprise). I think the Newsweek article gets the closest to the mark, though it still glosses over a lot.

I found Robby's page today while giving Tony a read. Robby's is a great blog. I think his writing is top-notch, and he executes his craft with a simple and smooth honesty that really reaches something new. A few more days of great postings and I might have to add him to my links on the left, and in my mind, that's a special honor since I would never direct you to someone I wouldn't read myself on a daily basis.

Chris McKendry's writing usually bores me a little bit, but this gem on why guys quote movies all the time seems pretty good to me. I don't know if I fully agree with all her reasons, but seeing as I have no answers myself, I suppose her thoughts are as good as any. And for the record, I am as guilty as the next guy for quoting movies too. Get busy living, or get busy dying.

Speaking of movies, the Sports Guy's column today had me close to weeping with laughter in the middle of the library. If you've ever openly admitted you like a bad movie because of the laugther quotient, this one's for you. And if that's not incentive, if talks about Keanu Reeves being so bad that he's transcendent. Outstanding.

And for Meesh and Alfred: I'm going to start working on numbers 21-100 in a little bit. But I just wanted to get this stuff out there.