It would be so so so much fun to be Britney Spears.

I know a lot of you probably don't like her, but she probably doesn't like you either. After all, she's tough. She gave the finger to those reporters in Mexico, which doesn't exactly jive with her Mickey Mouse Club roots. But then again, as her song says, she's "Not That Innocent." True enough. Unless innocence involves leather bustiers, navel rings and gyrating pelvises....But I digress.

Ok, so I'm 24-years-old, but yes, I went to a Britney Spears show with KC a few months ago (gotta love her...my partner in teenage pop obsession!). And it was fantastic! Not necessarily the singing (or should I say lip synching), but the dancing, the energy, the costume changes, the lights, the screaming fans...what a BALL she must be having. Good for her. She's living out what was probably many of our childhood fantasies...becoming a singer, performing in front of millions of screaming fans, having boys fall head over heels in love for her. Plus she's earning (deservedly, if people are willing to pay $60+ to see a concert and $20 for a Britney baby tee) MAD cash. So if you dont' like her, you're probably just jealous. Maybe she doesn't have the talent you say she should have to be getting what she's getting, but she does have whatever it takes to make it, whether it be looks (and whether certain appendages are real) or some good song writers who know what an important segment of the music market wants.

But I'm digressing again. I think a lot of people don't like Britney because they don't think she's as wholesome as she pretends...well, last I checked, I don't think she's pretending all that much any more. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of wholesomeness around her. But who cares? People grow up! People change! Her first CD came out in like 1998 or something. She's got a fantastic body, so why not show it off and wear fun little outfits that people design for you. And good for her if she had sex with Justin. I would, he's a hottie.

Say what you want about Britney, but at least she's doing what she loves, and making people (ok, me and some preteen boys and girls) smile. Are you doing what you love? I'm not, unless writing about benefits is my yet-to-be-discovered passion (doubtful).