Okay, so after I complain about everyone else's little tendencies to annoy me, I must confess that I am no angel myself. Nothing holier than thou about me. I'm sure I don't need to make this point for people who actually know me, since in truth, everyone I know thinks I am the worse person they know. They only keep me around in the hopes that they might get access to my very special He-Man cartoons collection.

But hey, like I said. No angel, neither haloed or otherwise. That's okay with me.

I'm watching ESPN at the moment, and they just showed a teaser for the Sports Century for Andre Agassi. Countless shots of that 80's hair, and even one of those Canon EOS "Image Is Everything" adds. They they talked about his women: Barbra Streisand, Brooke Shields, Steffi Graf. The hair and the women require a photo examination of their own, but it must be done properly. I'll have to get to it later.

Anybody want an old 233 Mhz computer?