One of the my favorite episodes of Friends is the one where Ross and Rachel create their Celebrity Sex Lists...you know, the list of five celebs they're "legally" allowed to sleep with, even though they're dating each other. That's because, even in real life, I fully support this concept. If I'm ever in a relationship again (riiiiiight), there are just certain people that I will just have to be allowed to have sex with.

The Blondemaster's Celebrity Sex List

1. Noah Wyle, especially if he's as smart as his ER character. I mean, can you get more lovable than him? He is the perfect combination of dorkiness and confidence (two musts in my book). Plus, I bet he's real sweet.

2. Ben Affleck, by far the hottest man alive today. Since I might not like his personality, we wouldn't have to talk. But I'd at least want to stare at him up close for a few hours. Shiver!

3. Adam Sandler. Not only do I have thing for cute Jewish guys, I think it's sexy to laugh when you're hooking up. I mean, it can be funny! (Since I don't want to take up an extra spot on this list, I reserve the right to switch Adam for Ben Stiller if the occasion arises).

4. Eminem. Although I would probably way to terrified of him to actually do it, I am way attracted to this baby-faced tough guy. This is even though he makes fun of my beloved Britney.

5. Any member of *N Sync. Is this fair? Maybe not, but oh well. And don't laugh. Yes, most of them are younger than me, but they are just so darn cute when they do their little Bye Bye Bye dance. I can't help it, I'm obsessed! If I go into more detail here people will surely stop reading me, so I will force myself to quit.

Sooooo, anyone know I can get in touch with these guys?