Today has been good.

Things that have made me (it's the Blondemaster still) smile today:
1) Getting FREE tickets to a play about September 11

2) My 25-year-old friend is dating someone with a 13-year-old kid. And the dad/her man just bought her thong underwear with a skull on them at Ozzfest

3) E-commerce (in the last few days I have purchased on pair of pants, one pair of shorts, one tank top, three CDs, one book, a bottle of perfume, body lotion and lip gloss all from the convenience of my desk)

4) Reading Alfred's post about the Save Karyn site, which I actually happen to LOVE

5) My light blue Banana pants (I was told “You look like you’re going to a garden party.” Hmmm, if I was going to a garden party, I wouldn’t wear these cute little pants)

6) My boss being on vacation

7) Finishing a book on the train...Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson (highly recommended!)

Things that have annoyed me today
1) The woman in the cube next to me at work cooing “I love you too” to her hubby every 15 minutes

2) My brother getting his wisdom teeth out and not having any of the annoying after-effects that I did….basically being unconscious all day and bleeding all over my chin

3) Not knowing HTML enough to put my freaking own blog together

4) Having to go to this guy Nick’s house tonight…to pick up the jewelry I left there at a sleepover a few weeks ago. He’s been holding it hostage since but tonight, I reclaim my goods.

Wow, usually the list of the annoying quite outweighs the list of the good. Hooray!