Ugh. Still at work at 7:30 with no sign of leaving. That's consulting for you. And by the way, today is my two-year anniversary here. Happy day!!

So based on the fact that I'm hating my job right now (yes, yes, I'm still lucky to have a job, I know) and my roommate is becoming a Mary Kay lady, I've been doing some serious soul searching lately. Too bad my soul took about five minutes to search because I have little idea about what I want to do. I think I picked the wrong major in college (journalism-- and I got my freaking masters!!). I'm not qualified to even think about going to medical or nursing school, which both sound very appealing. I can't do math so anything financial is out. I would love to go to cooking school but that's mostly because I like to eat. I'm not passionate enough about law school (besides, everybody else is doing that already, right HM and AT?).

The only thing I can really settle on that I want to do is write. But not journalistically (not yet anyways, no magazines in Chicago-- Playboy turned me down....for a JOURNALISM job mind you, and I can't get up the courage to move to NYC), and not for corporate communications or communications consulting or whatever it is I do now. But hey, it pays the bills so I'm at a loss.

Anyways, the other day I finally decided to do something about my lack of direction and signed up for a creative writing program at my alma mater, Northwestern. And I'm really getting excited. It's a year-long program which meets one night a week so I'll still get to spend mind-numbing hours in my cubicle on most days of the week thank goodness. But I'll get to write short stories and maybe even one day that novel I've always dreamed about. You better promise me you'll buy it.

Ok, back to the grind...