Cracker Barrel it is for the Blondemaster. Not only did she wrangle up the requisite ten comments (even with "technical" problems), she also managed to help the Hose Monster Blog achieve a record number of hits in one day. Good times, good times.

BM: here's the menu: Figure out what you want so we can spend the good part of the meal enjoying some frosty beverages out of mason jars.

The comments also kept me entertained all day. And I love it when people mock me. Just in case you haven't read them, here's the highlights, occasionally with my comments:

  • It also sounds to me like Chris has an unhealthy obsession with hair and with the Blondemaster.

    My obsession with hair is well documented. Whether it's unhealthy is open for interpretation. As for the unhealthy obsession with the BM: you have to admit, she's great subject material.

  • Hosemaster is a strange boy who often thinks about haircolor and just wanted a friend to share this obsession with.

    Guilty as charged on all counts.

  • Blondemaster, you should keep your hair. Chris, i think you want to get down the blondemaster's pants ... to see if it's all blondmaster

    Absolutely the funniest thing that has ever appeared on the Hose Monster Blog. Transcendent. Well done KSwans.

Okay, must get myself to bed tonight so I can subject my body to more torture tomorrow. I have been reminded every morning this week getting out of bed that my body is not meant to be playing two games of softball, one flag football game and two matches of racquetball each week. Tomorrow's addition: ice hockey.

Mighty Mouse