Excuse gentlemen, but have you seen... er, sorry to intrude.

It's no problem at all. We're just taking a break from the board meeting.

I see. So uh, how's it going?

Not too bad at all. James over there was just suggesting that we go to Spearmint Rhino after the meeting.

While you guys are peeing?


In a piss cabin?


While you're all peeing at the same time?

Why not?

Seems a little weird to me.

Actually, these johns on the sidewalk were one of the big reasons I decided to take this job. If you're tall enough, you can have a conversation with the guy directly across from you.

While you're taking a leak? What's so great about it?

It's polite to look people in the eye while you're conversing with them.

You said it Bruce.

Hell yeah. I hate those guys who look at the ground when they're talking. And the worst is when you have a conversation with a guy in the can and he's boring a hole in the wall in front of him with his eyes. It's just rude.

But, it's kind of weird, isn't it?


Talking to someone while you're taking care of business?

Would you prefer that I just ignore you?

While I'm peeing?


I don't think it would bother me at all. I'm in there to answer nature's call, not challenge you to billiards for the next round.

Too late. Joe's already got that one.

I'm going to kick your ass this time Bruce. 8-ball, corner pocket. Boom!

So this is common?

Look kid, just because we're holding our dicks on the sidewalk and discharging waste products from our bodies doesn't mean that we cannot act like normal human beings. Right Lance?

Hold on, my cell phone's ringing. Hi Honey.

Give me a break. I thought talking on the cell phone in the stall was bad enough.

Hey kid, there's a reason we all have two hands.

I'm getting out of here.

Why the hurry?

I have more pictures of urinals to look at.

Take it easy!

See you next time!