I have Blogger's Block in the worst way right now. Honestly, I read everyone else and they're out jotting down insightful observations of the news or interesting stories about themselves, maybe even a fantasy conversation or whatever. Meanwhile, the shouts outs have dried up since I listed the second part of my 100 things about me, and I'm wondering if my time is winding down.

Yet I know this cannot be. The frequency of hits to my site has increased exponentially in the last week, for some reason or another. And all I do to show my gratitude is take an old picture of Snoop Dogg and talk about how his dropping marijuana is a huge thing (which I think it is).

Oh creativity, where have thine glorious bounties gone?

In the meantime, I read about this contest today, and I damn near burst out loud laughing in the middle of a crowded room. These guys are crazy. And thanks to Jam Sandwhich for the link.