I'm starting to think that we should all endeavor to blog drunk at least once a month.

Sounds like a great idea, I know. But why exactly?

For starters, we all know that we tend to say things under a state of alcohol alteration that we might not otherwise say. And those statements often tend to be rather amusing. So I think it's reasonably to suppose that many of us might type up some rather interesting things on a blog in an altered state. And hell, I don't even know who have the people who read this blog are, or what they look like, so what the hell do I care if I disclose my fascination with girls in pin stripes or whatever. Conversely, you the reader might think, hey, now we've actually got something interesting! Do your readers a service. Amuse them.

Then there's my argument, backed up by lots of empirical evidence, that blog readers respond to drunk blogging. Scout's honor. The one time I blogged drunk, I posted a lot of uninteresting drivel that basically amounted to me complaining that I was horny and no one wanted to help out with that. Revolutionary, I know. Yet I received more comments on that post than any other previously or since. And since we all love comments, here's a great way to get them.

I think drunk blogging my also encourage bloggers who normally disappear during the weekend to post something, give them an excuse to blog. Be a loser like me and blog on the weekends. It will enhance your sex life, promise.

Then there's the... oh hell, I'll just admit it, I want everyone to blog drunk for my own personal amusement. I don't care if you want to or not. I just want to entertained. And I'm okay with that.