Many of the children of our fair nation, and indeed a healthy number of public transportation riding adults, have really taken to Harry Potter since J.K Rowling first started publishing her wildly popular and imaginative tomes. And with the release of the first feature film some time back, kids finally had a chance to pit their own imaginations against those of Hollywood.

For the capitalists, they had the perfect merchandising opportunity. Enter the Nimbus 2000.

The Nimbus 2000 is a model of the broom Mr. Potter flies around on in the movie. Apparently it makes some swooshing sounds and with the batteries, it even vibrates to provide the real sensation of flying!

To aid customers in deciding if the Nimbus 2000 is right for them, Amazon.com has posted the following consumer reviews on their site:

Harry Potter Toy, Review
Reviewer: A toy enthusiast from Maine, USA
"I recently bought this for my son, Vantro. He's a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Seen the movie 32 times (in the theaters) and made the paper. This toy gives him the ability to fly around the house zapping things. My only problem I see with the toy is the batteries drain too fast and his sister fights him over it, so now I need to buy her one."

Great, great, great GIFT IDEA!
Reviewer: Jen from USA
"I gave this as a gift to my cousin Jessica who is a huge Harry Potter fan. My aunt can't stop thanking me enough. She says Jessica plays with it, pretending to be Hermione, riding it around her room or outside in her yard until she's exhausted. Great gift idea, not just for boys."

I have also provided the following reviews of the Nimbus 2000 to further help you become an educated consumer.

The Nimbus 2000 is great!
Reviewer: Lucy from Klamath Falls, OR
"I was worried my twin 12-year old daughters would be a little old for this toy, especially with them starting junior high this year, but they both love Harry Potter, so I thought it be a fun little thing. Now all their friends come over, and they sit up in their room all afternoon screaming and giggling. Yesterday they were upstairs from the time they got home until dinner, and all through dinner I could just see them rushing through their meal so they could back upstairs to ride the Nimbus 2000 back to their special fantasy land! My girls have never giggled so much! Thanks Nimbus 2000!"

Fun for all ages
Reviewer: Lance from Pontiac, MI
"I bought the Nimbus 2000 for my 7 year-old son. Last night my wife and I went out for the evening and left our 15 year-old daughter in charge. We heard outbursts of delight when we got home that night, but little Jimmy was already in bed. Lindsay had finished her homework and was releasing some stress by pretending she was riding around on a magical flight! The Nimbus 2000 reminds us of how when we were kids, the best toys were very simple and required you to close your eyes and make believe! Bravo!"

Great toy, but watch your children
Reviewer: Bonnie from Springfield, MA
"I bought the Nimbus 2000 for my 8 year-old, but as soon as I saw how much she enjoyed it, I got a little worried that she would forget about all her chores and I would have to take it away from her. Sure enough, as soon as her father left on a week-long business trip, she started acting up. She was 4 seconds late to the dinner table last night! I had to punish her, so I took the Nimbus 2000 away. But I can see why she loved it so much. I had to give it a try, and pretty soon I felt just like I was flying too! And the best part is that I felt like I was still in the clouds even after I got off! I was almost sad when my husband returned, because then I couldn't play Hogwarts in the bedroom anymore without feeling really silly! A great toy, but watch your children with it."

That thing, like, totally sucks
Reviewer: Mikey from Pittsburgh, PA
"Jenny and I used to like totally hang out every day after 6th period English. We'd get ice cream and then walk home sorta together and like, watch old 90210 reruns on FX and stuff. Then her little sister got this Nimble Bus Tooth House or something like that, and I heard her telling her friends at school the next day how totally cool this thing was. Ever since then, the girls have been running back to her house to play with like, themselves and the Nimble Bus. They even skipped 6th period English yesterday! The Nimble Bus is the reason I don't have any friends no more."

The Nimbus 2000 is a part of every chapter meeting!
Reviewer: The women of Delta Gamma, San Diego State University
"We used to have formals and Gone Greek night and other activities with the fraternities on campus to pass the weekends, but those frat boys also showed up drunk and whenever we tried to play they'd be really happy, but then after about 30 seconds, they'd get really tired and want to go home and sleep! And they always made a mess everywhere. Then Jenna's little sister forgot her Nimbus 2000 in her room last weekend when her family was visiting, and the next day we all went bought out the whole supply in the local toy store using House funds! The toy is that great! You can hear the girls shrieking with delight at all hours as they let their imaginations and fantasies run free! I was swooshing around the sky last night even after the batteries ran out!"

There you have it, parents. The Nimbus 2000 can be a great toy for your child too.

Special thanks go to Bennett for this post. Thanks babe!