Told you that the US would coax the opinions of the necessary parties into getting what they want. Meanwhile, the UN supposedly "mulls its next move." I interpret this to mean that they wait for the US to bully opinion into the next position they want it at.

On a more positive note, at least the US unilateral argument is, on its face, now out the window. At poor Donald Rumsfeld will have to wait to start planning how to flex his muscles until the next time Iraq decides to inhibit the efforts of the weapons inspectors. This is growing all too familiar.

But if Iraq really is a threat, I suppose this is a good thing.

On a completely different note, apparently my recent efforts at exploring the mysteries of the men's room are my best efforts at blogging. At the very least, I know Alfred would like to see more of that. Am wondering if I should try to more tightly focus the Hose Monster Blog on a certain topic. Maybe a weekly men's room feature...