Too many opinion/political rants the last few days. Must get back to being completely silly and not adding anything of value to anyone's day.

I was rapping with Sarah the other day about nothing in particular, and we briefly discussed the fact that I am rather inappropriately named (not the Hose Monster name, of course). True, I'm a pretty upstanding kid most of the time, but I wouldn't ever describe myself as "Christ-like," and given my general skepticism of all forms of religion, including Christianity, well ... we'll just say that something else might be a little bit better.

On the other hand, I have had a whole host of nicknames during my life. Maybe I should start going by one of those. Which would you vote for among:

  • Wart
  • Tito
  • Vacuum
  • Rubio
  • Boutrous Boutrous
  • Sergio
  • Mighty Mouse
  • Mustafa
  • Secret Agent 917
  • Rodrigo the Fabulous
  • Cheesy

Want to vote on your favorite? I'll go by the winning name for the rest of the week. Or just feel free to propose your own name for me.

Damn I need to get a life...