You'd think I had sex with a supermodel last night or something with how happy I woke up this morning, even though I was dead tired and played a little drum beat on my snooze button. (I didn't actually have sex with a supermodel last night - that's tonight's diversion.)

Why? I think I just had a really nice evening last night and was still riding the high this morning.

My fellow library night watchmen and I kicked off the famed Beer League Darts competition last night. My cohorts and I, the Duff All-Stars, won our first match last night. I'm not a stellar darts player, but I was thinking I had snagged a number of great watchmen teammates, because they were talking all about strategy for doubling in and out on 301 and all sorts of things. Me, I just go up there and chuck the pointy things at the board. But in the big rubber match, with our team needed to hit three bulls-eyes to take the game, I toed the line and painted the center of the board twice of my first turn and then closed the game the next turn and we celebrated with a round of Berghoff's.

Later that night I had a few more beers with my married friends (it seems that everyone I know now is married, engaged or seriously dating. Kind of takes all the pressure off of me. I'm that character in the movie who always shows up at the party with no date, after everyone has been debated which girl I was going to bring. And I closed the evening off with a great conversation that was completely unexpected and ended up keeping me out of my bed for far longer than I had intended, but such is the way of things.

But I'm tired today. Damn I'm tired. And my body aches all over.