After four months, I have learned that some of the most random stuff I throw up here garners comments and most of my favorite things that I do post generate almost no comments, if any. But I am okay with that; I repeatedly say that while I love having you come here every day and read these words, and my eyes sparkle a little bit every time I see a comment left on this page, I would keep writing this blog even if I had only two readers and they both had the same surname as me.

After four months, no one has ever wanted to interview me. I suppose I could feel somewhat excited about that, time being so scarce and all, but I think it might be fun once or twice. On the other hand, with an interview, I can tell random stories and all the crap that I normally do in this space, but someone else will bring it up and I'll just ride it out. It might be on the same level as Alfred's wanting to make the Up Yours blogroll. Just something fun to say, "hey, this happened." Actually, I wonder would it be like if Alfred interviewed me. Even though we seem like peers, we don't know much about each other at all.

It might be interested if Sarah interviewed me too, because she's one of the most interesting person I have never met, but I think she already knows a lot about me, because we talk now and again.

I would go way out of my way to make an interview with Meesh happen, because I think we'd just end up talking about sex the whole time. Sounds like fun to me.

Oh well. Maybe some day someone will say "put on your jammies and sit down at your computer at 10 pm tonight and we'll shoot the shit." In the meantime, this blog will just keep on rolling.