God, I must be getting old. My body aches like a country music song protagonist for the afternoons spent lazily in bed with his lost love. This after one stupid flag football game yesterday (in which I three two TD passes and had an INT on defense, pat myself on the back).

At what point are we supposed to lose that ability to run around like crazy little boys, throw baseballs and footballs for an hour without stretching or warming up, and be no worse for wear after that? I'm not crazy in feeling those days were not that long ago, am I? I'm still supposed to be young and energetic. I'm not supposed to come home at night dreaming about sitting in a bathtub.

Instead, I had some serious nightwatching to do at the library last night. Not good times. However, at least I watched TV last night. That would be the first time I've done that since August 15th.

Is it Friday yet?