I must add mine to the chorus of voices wishing Tony Pierce a terrific 109th birthday today. Flow the birthday brother a few bucks if you're feeling generous.

I kiss enough Tony ass in this blog to begin with. Actually, I don't really call it ass-kissing so much as hero worship. Tony and I write about a lot of similar themes sometimes, but everytime we're dancing with the same theme, Tony's swinging the girl around and pulling up through his legs, and while I might have a little bit of rhythm, most of the time it looks like I'm just stepping on her feet next to Mr. Pierce. Not that I mind dancing with the girl next to him, because it's still one of the easiest ways to steal a cheap feel.

Blogging is a lot of fun, and a number of people do it really well. With Tony, it's clear that he no only enjoys the piss out of it, but he does it with such a unique creativity and voice that he breaks down doors for the rest of us to tumble through.

Tony is the sole reason the Hose Monster Blog came into existence. Since its inception, my life has started wandering down new and wonderful paths, and I feel like I get to be myself just a little more often than normal. So in one sense, my life is better because Tony Pierce exists. I'll never meet the guy, but my life is great, in part, because of him. That's pretty cool.

Is it hero worship or ass kissing when you admire someone so much and you want everyone else you know to adopt the same admiration? That, my friends, is today's rhetorical question.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY PIERCE. I hope you get laid 109 times tonight.