Looking for Guest Bloggers...

The end of Daylight Savings Time always hits me, on a psychological level, just a little bit hard. When I lived in California, I never minded much because it meant I could break out my sweatshirts every day. Since moving to the Midwest, the return of regular time has always signaled to me impending snows and cold ears. I don't mind those things that much, but it does take me a little while to mentally prepare myself for the winter.

The Monday after the time change is always the hardest day because you're surprised by the change, by the darkness falling on you much earlier in your routine than you were expecting. It was dark when I finally left class today, and while the darkness made no actual difference on the amount of time remaining to me in the day, I nonetheless immediately felt overwhelmed by the amount of things I have remaining to do today and the absence of time in which to do them all.

Law school is really catching up with me, and this week might be the most difficult one I'll have this semester outside of the finals season. I'm not yet a day into it and I'm already worried that I will not get much sleep this week because of my concerns about work and whatnot. I'm absolutely convinced the blog will fall into a state of neglect for a little while. And while I think I could get by without writing much for a week, I want to show my appreciation to all of you who come here to read every day by making sure you have something to read.

So I'm looking for a few guest bloggers this week.

Any topic or theme is fine, because diversity is important. So hey, if you want a chance to see something you wrote appear on this site, send me your guest blog effort in an email, and I'll do my best to put it up here in a timely manner. If I get a huge amount of responses to this request, which I somewhat doubt I will, I reserve the right to not put up something you send, but if I got nothing, I'll put up whatever.

Thanks in advance for helping me out. No go write something and send it to me.