Meesh tells me I should try my hand at writing some erotic posts. It’s easy for her to say: she’s great at it, and recently indulged me request to write more on her site. She says that I get really close sometimes, that I tend to dance a pretty little two-step along a line of sensuality, but that I always hold something back.

She’s certainly right in that I hold things back a little bit from time to time. I’ve always thought that one of the things that makes good writing good is that the author, with a mix of latent and salient techniques, points the reader in the direction he or she is thinking, but that ultimately the artist leaves the reader to come to his own conclusions on what elements of the text mean and don’t mean. This might account for my holding back from time to time. Not to say I thin I’m a great writer, but I’d at least like to make use of the techniques I think help carry a piece of writing above the realm of the mundane.

But what would I write about? Certainly my hesitancy at this point does not derive from a lack of imagination; my fantasies distract me from the routines of life as much as the next person, if not more so.

I think I probably fantasize in a different manner than most people: I get turned on by situations, images, the thought of being with a certain person in a certain way at a certain time, not necessarily doing certain things with them (though those certain things generally would happen as consequences of those certain situations). The idea of some girl riding me and screaming out my name, while certainly not an unpleasant image, is not the first thing that would come to mind if I were to sit back and start fantasizing.

So given the fact that while I love my fantasies and find them extremely exciting, I wonder if I would ever find successful erotic ideas in my head, if I could ever create something that would be a little more interesting than “and she was dripping wet as I slowly spread her open with short thrusts of hips.” Maybe I’m just boring in some respects. Maybe I just think Meesh is really good at it, and I want to leave the doing of some things to the experts.

Obviously I could detail some past sexual encounters in this blog that have actually happened, and the truth is that you’d never know if I made it up or if it really happened. When I read Meesh talk about getting nailed out on the balcony from behind, I wonder if that actually happened and I think that curiosity is a big part of the reason why I enjoy reading her erotica.

Maybe I’ll give it a try soon. For the moment, I’m on a crowded airplane and I’m just not sure how my flight mates will react when they see me typing in sentences on how she muttered in gasping words how that was second time. Later perhaps.