Today's guest blogger: Alfred Pennyworth.

This is for the hoseman.

This is for the fella that is so goddamm fukkin renaissance they named a goddamm fair after him.

This is for the cholos rolling dubs on figueroa and the vatos draped in old skool zoot suits and extra long cigarette holders.

This is for the ancient chinese rituals that make ballers shot callers and space invaders dillapidators.

This is for the bud-light swilling barroom brawling bullseye dart throwing 10-gallon hat wearing brut aftershave sportin captain america profilin kickbackers.

This is for all them peeps that never had a jeep or an escalade but tha impala was revved and parallel pinstriped and exhaust equipped for about a 72 jiggawatt connection.

This is for the joker smokers with t-bill croakin master ace promoting paper haters.

This is for the extra sauce and cheese masked hamburgler con artists riding a golden arch steamboat down the mainstream retina to tunes of critical success and acclaim.

This is for the blacktop lurking dribbling dishmasters that can glide like a pigeon and stink like a bomb.

This is for the editors and their red pens and weary eyes and the desk clerks scopin benjamins by the coffee machine stacked with thai _mocha.

This is for pin the tail on the donkey and curious george and the mighty morphin power rangers and saved by the bell and chachi in charge and greatest american hero the incredible hulk the jeffersons and webster. and different strokes.

This is for principal skinner and the 86 mop jackers and #68 greaseball merloski.

And last and most essentially not least it's for g-town rose bowl risers and presto advertisers.