Tony fires a salvo back at his readers who expect him (read the comments) to be brilliant and entertaining with every post. What that they forget is that he is brilliant and entertaining with almost everything he puts up - and he often takes it up a notch when he gets political (his September 10 post this year was probably one of my favorite things I've read in some time). As for his readers, or my readers for that matter, who want to get their panties in a twist when we talk about politics: suck it. This is my blog. The busblog is Tony's. Note the possessive use. We write them because we like doing it, not because we feel some obligation to throw some shit up there for your ass. If you don't like it, you just stop clicking the links. And if any of you read the busblog but don't like the political expression (you obviously don't have to agree with the ideas expressed) because you think the busblog is good for its moments of levity, well you haven't really been paying attention at all.