Ugh, too much to blog about at once.

Last night was interview night. I had two scheduled, because Thursday is generally the only evening of the week that allows me to escape the evil clutches of the library at a reasonable hour. Following up on Meesh's interview with me last week, I chatted with her for a while last night. I'm still working on cleaning that up for your enjoyment. Check back with me soon.

But earlier that evening, I had the pleasure of rapping with one of the coolest people I don't know.

Do you care at all about me as a person, or just about the writing I throw out on this site? Either way, I don't care. I'd kiss your toes just for coming here, giving a read and occasionally dropping me a comment or two.

Sarah cares about me beyond the writing. And if you're at all interested in me, or some of the things in which I believe and some of the reasons I do the things I do, well then take a look at her interview of me from last night.

Writing this blog exposes me to some really interesting people who are offering up their talents to anyone with a web browser and a few minutes. It absolutely makes my day when one of them says hey, drops me a comment or even sends me an email to compliment me on or criticize the blog. Especially when the words come from someone who I've never met, talked to, what have you.

Tyler sent me an email today just to say hey. It made the weekend start perfectly. Anyway, I have not had a chance to really delve into his blog, but some of the photography he has up on his site is outstanding. I may feature some of it here in the coming weeks if he gives me the okay.

It's Friday everyone. Have a great weekend, drink lots of alcohol, have lots of sex, and leave me a comment or send me an email if I have no idea who you are.