You know those mornings where you wake up and you think, "oh boy, this is going to to be a tough one." You've managed a lousy four hours of sleep the night before, you're still aching from doing terrible unwise things to your body three days ago and you've got a 1:00 meeting about the department's budget with your supervisor, and with it right after lunch, you just know you're going to be struggling to stay awake? Yeah, those days.

The shower did not help out this morning one bit, so as I am brushing my teeth and staring at myself in the mirror this morning, I say to myself, "Damn Hose Monster, some days are diamonds and some days are pearls, but right now you look like you're going to have yourself a nice of coal. You look like hell."

And that's when it happened.

If I could say the word!

My clock radio inexplicably turns itself on right as I am spitting out the toothpaste. Some sort of malfunction, because I checked to see that I had not somehow reset it in my stupor right after getting outing bed and stumbling into the shower.

Just say the word [OHHHHHHH!]

Su Su Sudio!

And then I was awake. My alarm clock knew exactly what I needed to make it through the day: Phil Collin's 80's opus Susudio! Soon I was just saying the word myself, Su su su sudio! And all was well.

Yes, for as much as I hate my alarm clock and curse the black soul of the man who invented the alarm clock and anyone who proposes waking up before 8 in the morning on a frequent basis, this morning, I owe my malfunctioning alarm clock a little debt of gratitute. I forgive it for making me miss class two weeks ago. Because today may not be great, but I'll survive.

Just say the word [OHHHHHH!]. Su su suido!