Back in the days when this blog had five readers, I ran a similar poll as below, and I think I got fifteen votes. Which means that most of them voted early and often. I thought I would try it again now that I have a few more readers to help me out.

The winning poll response will become the inspiration for some clearly made up story in the near future explaining why the selected answer is the truth.

Why does Chris call himself the Hose Monster?
Ask the women he's shagged. They'll tell you he's a machine in the sack.
9 inches. And that's just the circumfrence.
He always wanted to be a fireman.
An unfortunate incident with a garden house and a haunted house when he was 5.
Give me a dollar.
He's clearly overcompensating for something.
You'd be stunned how good his legs look in panty hose.


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