Ever get so busy with responsibilities and occasional attempts to relax between responsibilities that you fail to notice that you're almost blissfully happy? Yup, that's been me for the last month or so. But this week marks a slight reprieve in the intensity at school, and after finishing a largish memo at 8 p.m. last night, I sat back, relaxed and realized this week would not be so bad. No paper to worry about. Three different classes cancelled. The opportunity to sleep until noon on Thursday and Friday if I want to. And what amounted to a full body's sigh of relief escaped from my mouth.

I realized at that point that I haven't gone to bed upset, angry, overly frustrated, or even disappointed in quite some time. Stressed? Maybe a little. Tired? More than I care to remember. But those feelings, in my humble opinion, do not make any strong comment on my state of happiness. I plan to spend this week being happy that I think I'm happy.

I have a new girlfriend, and she makes me smile. And laugh. I'll just leave it at that before I start gushing.

While I don't have lots of friends, the ones I do have are amazing. They let me come visit them in new cities, take me to spy museums and sit up late at night reminding me that in my efforts to be a decent person, I've pretty much succeeded. They take me to Wendy's and bars with not many hot girls and we still manage to have a good time. They let me share rites of passage with them and laugh at them when they steam up the bushes at 4:30 a.m. after a hard night of boozing. And they tell me it's no big deal when the extremely cute girl they were talking to for a half an hour at the bar reveals that she's engaged. Good times indeed.

In honor of the week of happiness, the HM Blog, a blog that rules way way harder than the rulons, will be giving a little linky love today. And today, we're going to give some love to sites that have been heretofore appreciated but not necessarily expressly loved.

Jeff Cooper has me linked on his blog under the heading of "law student." This is in fact true, but because of this classification, I sometimes feel the obligation to examine legal situations or discuss pending judicial nominations or something obviously more profound than the drivel that generally appears in here. However, as any real lawyer would note before chasing me out of a court room for jury selection, I know just enough to be dangerous but know way too little to actually get anything right. So for the moment, I'll leave the legal stuff to Mr. Cooper and his other linked parties. In the meantime, go check out Cooped Up, because beyond interesting discussion of politics and the like, he simply writes well and his stuff is pleasant to read.

I dig sports. I would marry hockey if it were possible. And that's why Eric McErlain gets a little love today. From my personal opinion, Off-Wing Opinion might be approaching the level of the infamous Instapundit with respect to sports blogging. And he writes about the NHL more than anything else. Good man, I say.

Create your own George W. Bush speech.

Tyler is still a relatively new read for me, so I'm not going to comment on the blogging at this point. However, for an admitted new and amateur photographer, he has a world of talent and a great eye for composing his images. Take a look. I strongly recommend the black and white gallery.

At some point recently I made it on to Moxie's list of links. Very exciting times. If I were a little older, a little more Jewish, a little closer to LA, a little more confident and a little more single, I'll call her up and ask her on a date. But I'll leave that to all the other bloggers out there who like smart attractive women.

Linky love may continue later this week. All sorts of people have linked me recently, but I haven't had time to give their sites a read. More to try and accomplish this week. And for those of you who fit into this category: thanks. You've contributed to that almost blissful happiness I'm feeling.