For the first time ever this year I will be spending Thanksgiving alone, and while I have not been dreading it, I wouldn't say I've spent this week looking forward to it either. While everyone is braving the busiest travel day of the year and pizza places are working their asses off because no one wants to spend the night before Thanksgiving in the kitchen, I'm sitting in my apartment waiting for another twenty minutes to pass so I can pull my laundry out of the dryer and fold it. So it would make sense for me to feel extremely depressed right now.

Instead I could probably light up my apartment with a smile.

Want to know why?

I bet you do.

Maybe if you're nice to me I'll tell you.

That's it.

Almost there.

Still want to know why?

Okay, I'll tell you.

I have the greatest girlfriend.

Sitting on top of my stove right now, wrapped in aluminum file and telling me if I eat all of my dinner tonight that I might get a special treat, is a just-baked apple pie.

Maybe she feels bad that I have to spend tonight and tomorrow all by my lonesome. Maybe she's sad that I'm going to miss a fifteen pound turkey, stuffing, dressing, a bottle of gerw├╝rztriminer followed up by either a Cotes du Rhone or even a simple Pinot Noir, depending on how the night goes. Maybe she's feeling a little guilty that I am so far from home, even though I have everything I need right around here.

I think she just likes me.

Pardon me while I giggle and generally act giddy for a moment.

She had a million and five things to worry about today in trying to get ready for finals and getting ready to go home today. Some where in there she had time to make me a pie. Then she told me to come over so I could get a pie and very sweet kiss.

Tee hee.

I know one thing for which I'm going to feel grateful tomorrow.