Hi girl on the cell phone in front of me in line at Walgreen's buying cookies, a box of Altoids and some Nivea facial cleanser.

Ohmygosh, you'll never guess what happened last night!!

Really? What?

Tim kissed Lucy at the party!!

Who's Tim? Who's Lucy?

I know! It's about damn time. She's been totally wanting him for like, months.

Like months is a long time.

Well, I guess they were dancing for a little while, and she was totally flirting with- yeah, she was looking hot last night. I think that was D's top that she borrowed, though Luce's boobs are way bigger. She was totally looking like a Cosmo girl last night.

Cosmo is right on the rack next to you.

Anyway, I guess he just sort of smacked one on her, and then they went back to his apartment after that.

Good lord, girl...

Nah, we went out to Hamilton's after the party, but it totally sucked, so then we went back to the house and just crashed.

Have you noticed yet that everyone is staring at you?

I don't know. I didn't see Lucy this morning though. But I don't think she'd be into those one night things. But she was a little drunk last night, and she does totally dig him.

Don't you think it's rude to have personal conversations in everyone's midst?

I haven't seen her yet today, so I don't know. Maybe when I get back to the house.

The clerk is trying to tell you that you owe him $7.56 and you're not even paying attention to him. Could you maybe spell yourself from the cell phone for three minutes to take care of your business and not hold everyone else up from doing theirs?

I don't know. Maybe go to the library. I've got that Diversity of Life midterm on Tuesday, and I think I might have a quiz in Sociology tomorrow. And I totally haven't done any work like all weekend.

Give me your purse. I'll count out $7.56 for you so you can get the hell out of my way.

Anway, yeah, I should go too. But we totally should go to dinner tonight for salads.

Thank god.

Call me later tonight.

$7.56 dear. $7.56 for the love of god.


Nothing. Just put your damn cell phone away.

I think I have 56 cents. Wait, hold on.


Ohmygawd Jen, you'll NEVER guess what happened last night!!

Kill me now.